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Archival Collection

President Fidel V. Ramos’ life was extraordinarily archived. Both private and public records are intact, from childhood to the presidency through his years as elder statesman. This portal offers the scholar and the general public access to video, textual and photographic material.

Video material organized under The FVR Oral History and Videos sections include recordings of oral history interviews, presidential speeches, official activities and special features produced for landmark events that commemorate milestones throughout President Ramos’ public life. Visitors are invited to further explore and navigate through The FVR Legacy YouTube Channel which holds all video material, grouped under labelled playlists with brief descriptions.

Textual material organized under the Documents section include presidential speeches, legal documents and executive issuances, and national laws enacted during the Ramos presidency. These are categorized following a hierarchy, and arranged by year within the presidential term. File names are contextual and descriptive.

Photographic material organized under the Photographs section offer a selection of visual documentation on the various phases President Ramos’ life which include the period covering years prior to, during and post presidency. These are categorized following the same hierarchy of the Documents section. Most of the photographs are captioned with contextual and descriptive filenames.

The FVR Oral History

The Ramos Peace and Development Foundation conducted extensive interviews with President Ramos’ peers in state leadership, business leaders, members of his Cabinet, counterparts in the Legislature and Judiciary, and key stakeholders in the fields of environment and peace. These oral records gather this important area of databasing for posterity.

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The videos in this collection in large part comes from official documentation during the presidency of Fidel V. Ramos; and also from Philippine and global institutions with a stake in good governance, people empowerment, and accurate reportage.

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Hard copy documents transferred to digital form are accessible through this portal. These include: speeches, Republic Acts of Philippine Congress, Presidential issuances such as Executive Orders, Presidential Proclamations, Administrative Orders, Memorandum Orders, and Memorandum Circulars.

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This archive stores and makes accessible an immense body of photographs of — and related to — President Fidel V. Ramos. The Collection offers pictorial documentation during the Ramos presidency including historical and significant events elevating the Philippines into the center of the global community.

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