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This section begins with an account of Captain Fidel V. Ramos as a 20-year-old company commander in charge of rooting out the remaining bands of the Marxist-Leninist Hukbóng Magpapalayà sa Bayan (“Huks”) making their last stand in the Sierra Madre Range of northern Luzon. It ends with a synthesis of the period during which President Ferdinand E. Marcos removed the operational control of the Integrated National Police from the Philippine Constabulary under General Ramos and transferred it directly to General Fabian Ver, who belonged to Marcos' inner sanctum. These movements in 1983, following the assassination of opposition Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr., would lead to the end of the Marcos overlordship of the Philippines. From the 1950s to the early 1980s in the Philippines, Captain Ramos, who served in active duty in the Korean War, was to become a lieutenant colonel leading the engineering battalion, the Philippine Action Group in the Vietnam War; and then Brigadier General Ramos who served as Philippine Constabulary head under the imposition of Martial Law by President Marcos. Having volunteered for active duty in the Korean War, the hot war that erupted as the Cold War began, soldier-engineer Ramos was to lead in military engagements of the ideological battles of the 1960s up to the 1980s. He maintained a preference for action fronts, which allowed him proximity to the rank-and-file soldier. As head of the Philippine Constabulary for fourteen years, General Ramos maintained the composure of a professional soldier. But his life will take a radical turn.

General Fidel V. Ramos, Armed Forces
of the Philippines Chief of Staff.

The soldier builder bowed in prayer.
Ramos family archives
The assumption of the command over the Philippine Constabulary, the oldest armed service branch in the Philippines.
General Ramos took over the PC (and subsequently, the PC-Integrated National Police) from General Eduardo Garcia in the year that Martial Law was imposed on the country.

Ramos family archive
Striking a dapper pose, Cadet Ramos at the United States Military Academy West Point.
Fidel V. Ramos was determined to excel, being the sole Filipino in his batch at the American Military School. He graduated in the top ten of his class.

Ramos family archive